Waterproof Connectors: Cost effective and Versatile Connecting Option

Posted on September 8, 2014


Waterproof Connectors: Cost effective and Versatile Connecting Option Summary: Waterproof Connectors are the best way to keep your equipment safe and secured from water, moisture, dust and other damaging conditions. This article gives you the brief of connectors from design and applications.

Wet environments, whether it is indoor or outdoor, can easily destroy any tool and equipment. Any equipment with normal connector cannot withstand water and dust that result deformation and break down. Now, the question comes that how you can keep your equipment safe from moisture and water? This problem raises the need of Waterproof Connectors.

Connectors with waterproofing feature are one of the cost effective and versatile options to keep the equipment safe from water and other harmful substances. These time proven connectors are compact and efficient wire-to-wire connecting solution ensuring superior mating. With environmental hazards rating, they can be easily installed to perform in extreme water and dust conditions. Their code rating shows safe usage and protection against total underwater immersion. Hence, they are the perfect selection for wet rooms, bathrooms, saunas, poolside and any other indoor or outdoor place, where water is encountered.

In addition, CCTV and other security systems can also be kept safe and lifelong performing through these connectors. Waterproof Connectors are designed for making the cables and equipment easy to handle as well as unplug in wet conditions. They are designed with an in-line female connector connected with bulkhead connector. The best part of these connectors is the availability of different sizes and dimensions. They can be availed from single to 16 contact connectors. The connectors are produced from plastic body material with nylon and black color. A user can have them with pins and sockets to avoid mismatch of connectors. The contacts are brass and gold plated as per the high quality standards.


The Waterproof Connectors are developed with solder bucket contacts to facilitate design flexibility as well as polarization. Light in weight, anti corrosive and stable, they are available with planform contact identification for simple recognition of circuits saving time and energy. Contacts are professionally solder cup to ensure no loosen up.


Following are some of the key features of connectors making them the ultimate option to be used in equipment:

• Can be touched even with wet hands

• Compact and portable

• Easy installation and replacement

• Ideal for harsh and rugged environments

• Prefect for sewer, marine, water treatment industries, etc.

• Various sizes available up to 16 contacts

• Economical

Technical Specifications

• Max working pressure up to 30,000psi

• Voltage rating up to 600 VDC

• Withstand temperature up to 70°

Application Areas

• Underwater lighting

• Sewer inspection

• Communications

• Thermistor arrays

• Sonar systems

• Hydrophone arrays

• Waste water industry

• Swimming pools

• Security products


Water ingress causes system failure that make you pay high when it comes to money, energy and time. Creating a waterproof design with components is not enough to make the equipment safe from damage; the cables and connectors should also be waterproof. Hence, Waterproof Connectors have been proved the best way keeping your equipment safe. They can be used with any kind and type of cable without worrying about performance and efficacy.

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